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FBI and Lockheed use Ab Initio for Case Management System (3/07).

FBI and Lockheed found Ab Initio products, services and training as the best means for getting the Case Management development project on the fast track. More functionality, developed faster/cheaper, with a more stable operating solution were achieved using the Ab Initio product suite.

Social Security Administration Adopts Ab Initio (12/06)

Data warehouse data feeds are developed in one tenth the time as before using the Graphical Development Environment and the actual dataflows complete in less than one hundredth the time as before using the Co>Operating System. Data Profiler is used to quantify data quality issues for SSA as well.

USDA Finance Center employs Ab Initio (11/06)

SEC provides Ab Initio ETL development and deployment products to USDA Finance Center to automate invoice and payables dataflow from remote offices to the Finance Center.

SEC works with Ab Initio to provide high performance ETL and data handling facilities. (11/06)

SEC and Ab Initio have entered into a collaboration to enable Ab Initio products and services to be provided to the federal government on GSA schedule. Government agencies can now exploit the unique capabilities provided by the Ab Initio suite of solutions. Ab Initio products enable customers to integrate data more readily, reliably and less costly with high visibility and process control. Variable data quality no longer disrupts ETL processing with automated rejection pooling. High data self-awareness avoids the tedium and error-prone human process of defining data sources and targets. Fully automated metadata management is also provided.

State Department Risk Management Facility (10/06)

The U.S. State Department Overseas Building Office contracted SEC to define, design and build CENTRIC - a system for managing risk to all embassy related facilities worldwide and threat to DoS objectives. SEC was awarded "The Assistance Secretary of State Award for Excellence". The system was the first dash-board based monitoring system for DoS and was the first application installed on the secured network. CENTRIC was completed within 16 months of contract award.

National Organic Program e-Gov Initiative (09/30/03)
The USDA National Organic Program contracted for the development of a B2G web-based application, database, and reporting facility to automate support for the regulations and workflow associated with the program. This will provide the capability of Accredited Certifying Agents (ACA) to maintain their information; identify and characterize all Certified Organic Growers, Handlers, and Shippers worldwide; and automate the application for, and recording of, all Export Certificates without paperwork and without data entry by USDA personnel. USDA personnel will be able to provide reports required to manage the program without any data entry overhead. The system will provide 24 hour, 7 days a week availability of these services to the stakeholders in the commercial and government sectors. The system will meet the GPEA (Government Paperwork Elimination Act) requirements

Reverse Auctioning Contract Renewed with the U.S. Army, Ft. Monmoth (06/15/03)
SEC, MOAI, and Symbolic Systems were contracted to continue providing the U.S. Army, Ft. Monmoth, Materiel Acquisitions Center with a Reverse Auctioning capability. This reverse auction capability is used by Purchasing Organizations to acquire goods and services at the highest value to the purchasing organization. The value metric is established entirely in their terms and can be a combination of delivered price, time to deliver, minimum quantity, warranty period, repair turn-around, ..., virtually any condition that can be characterized and valued. The system enables Vendor companies to compete in their best interest along other dimensions than price alone - providing the best value to the government in terms that can be met most agreeably by each company. In the first 42 auctions performed, Ft. Monmoth facility saved over $7 million cash on purchases of $23 million, and secured additional contact values exceeding $3 million.

COIS support period completed (6/30/03)
SEC completed the support for the COIS and NID systems - a data warehouse and client/server application used to manage, perform, and collect information on all of the agricultural shipping point and market inspections throughout the United States. As part of the support period a full audit of the replication services was performed to identify exceptions in the replication history and, if any, prescribe measures for avoiding future exceptions. The audit identified specific instances of unreplicated data. The causes were identified, the data recovered, and 2 reports added to provide on-demand audit and recovery capability. Nine additional changes were made to the NID application.

Automated Detection of Non-Compliant Imports (05/19/03)
SEC constructed and delivered a database, data warehousing, and analysis solution to USDA that enables USDA to detect and characterize import entries that are not compliant with Section 8e Import Regulations. The system automatically identifies these among over 120,000 regulated import entries per year. These isolated entries are handled by a case-based communications management facility (also provided by SEC) to ensure proper closure. This system is expected to provide dramatic savings to the Agricultural Marketing Service.

USDA/Marketing Orders Administration Branch On Line Services (12/04/02)
USDA contracted with SEC to design and build the MOAB On Line Services - an e-Gov facility that will automate the operations of the agricultural commodity Import Community with respect to Section 8e Import Regulations. This provides all of the MOAB import certificates needed by the import community in order to clear their shipments through U.S. Customs. The system will afford the import community 24 hour by 7 days a week ability to apply for and receive import certificates. This will enhance the quality of service to the business community and reduce overall costs in providing those services.

Interface between USDA/AMS and USCS (6/21/02)
SEC has been contracted by USDA to provide the business process and business model definition and analysis of eight branches in order to define the Requirement Specification Set (RSS) for these branches as they relate to Imports and the information and processes of the U.S. Customs Service..

SEC Delivers COIS to USDA/AMS/F&V (5/12/02)
SEC delivered to USDA the COIS server to USDA and ran the first synchronization with all field offices for a very happy client. COIS is the Central Office Management System which SEC was contracted to provide under a contract received on Jul-27-2001 (see the News entry for Jul-27-2001)

Reverse Auctioning System for the U.S. Army, Ft. Monmoth (11/17/01)
SEC, MOAI, and Symbolic Systems were contracted to provide the U.S. Army, Ft. Monmoth, Materiel Acquisitions Center with a Reverse Auctioning capability which would meet the requirements of complex contracting environment. The MOAI Reverse Auction system was configured for the client, Army contracting personnel were trained, and acquisitions were being made through the system within 3 weeks of contract.

Solutions Engineering Contracted to Develop COIS Database System for USDA (11/09/01)
Solutions Engineering was contracted by the USDA (U.S. Department of Agriculture) to build the Central Office Information System - providing fully automated synchronization with inspection field office databases; centralized control of business rules and reference data; comprehensive reporting, analyses, and decision support for the Enterprise. 

Enhancement of the National Inspection Database (10/23/01)
SEC was contracted to provide analyses, specification, and modification to the NID (National Inspection Database) system for USDA. These involved 18 major revisions and 23 minor revisions. This work was completed and verified by Jan-14-2002.

FFIS/NFC Accounting System Interface (8/17/01)
As part of an effort to modernize the National Finance Center's Federal Finance Information Services, SEC was contracted to design and build the systems interface for USDA/AMS/F&V.

COIS - Central Office Management System for USDA (7/27/01)
SEC was contracted to provide a system to USDA to support remote collection of agricultural inspection data and centralized reporting, data management, and policy management.

Solutions Engineering Provides Reverse Auction Services (7/19/01).
Solutions Engineering, in conjunction with Symbolic Systems, Inc., using Frictionless Commerce's e-Marketplace software, provides award winning, high performance, reverse auction services to facilitate $5.6 Billion in annual acquisitions.

Quicktics.com contracts for online multi-site Ticket Sales Services (8/8/00)
Quicktics.com selected SEC to provide an Online Ticket Sales System which would allow the purchased and sales of tickets in multiple offices anywhere and the sale of tickets from the Quicktics.com website/portal.


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