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"I would rather buy from an exceptional company at a modest price, than from a modest company at an exceptional price"

- Warren Buffett

We provide quality technical service with a team comprised of experienced, knowledgeable, and certified managers, engineers, analysts, designers, developers, testers, and technicians. We specialize in high performance, multi-user, real-time database applications. We maintain an in-house laboratory to throughly test all applications. We develop systems for the Web, Windows (Win95/98/CE/Me/Xp/NT4/2000/2003, and UNIX (Solaris/AIX/Linux).

Our Customers rely on us to provide very high performance, scalable, and extensible systems that provide critical services to the day to day conduct of business. Whether it is live sales and purchase transactions, order capture, inventory management, inspection management, security analysis and review, event/condition monitoring and remedial action generation, collaboration input and management, or providing data flows between systems - our Clients depend on us to deliver sound, reliable systems which they can count on implicitly.

While each service is customized and tailored to its fit the unique needs and specifications of each client, we leverage the assets gained in every project performed to the benefit of every subsequent Project. This reduces costs and increases the Return on Investment.


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