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 Solutions Engineering Contracted to Develop COIS Database System for USDA

The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), Agriculture Marketing Service (AMS), Fresh Products Branch (FPB) is responsible for the inspection of all fresh product commodities. These inspections are performed throughout the country and the inspection certificates are entered at seven service center field offices. The ability to quickly and accurately monitor field inspections is extremely important to the success of the USDA-FPB inspection efforts, the food markets, and consumers. This monitoring is performed largely from the central office facility in Washington. DC. and relies almost entirely on the inspection data collected from the field offices.

The USDA is currently using a database application designed to assist in the entry and record keeping of inspection certificates - the National Inspection Database/Service Center (NID/SC) at the field offices. Due to the volume of data, and in order to achieve reliability and performance, the COIS (Centralized Office Information System) was developed. The goal of this initiative is to automate and streamline the flow of data from the field offices to the central office in Washington DC.

Solutions Engineering has been contracted by the USDA (U.S. Department of Agriculture) to design and build the COIS database system. The new system provides fully automated bi-directional transfer of data on a nightly basis without any human involvement, performed during intervals when bandwidth load is low. The system enables enterprise wide reporting and analyses which has been fully automated to meet the information and decision support needs of the Agency.


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