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 COIS - Central Office Management System for USDA
SEC was contracted to provide a system to USDA to support remote collection of agricultural inspection data and centralized reporting, data management, and policy management. Over 150,000 inspections per year are performed on fresh fruit and vegetable products to ensure that safe, high quality products are available to the public. These inspections are performed all over the U.S. The data characterizing these inspections is needed in the Washington, DC office for proper management and monitoring of this effort. The data is needed by start of business on the following business day. A method is needed for providing policy changes made in the Washington, DC office to all of the field offices. This is also needed by the following business day. This system had to be able to accommodate large data volumes and had to be very fault tolerant. The system had to handle up to 10 years of inspection detail data, and had to perform all of the reporting required by the client with fastest possible response times.

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