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 Interface between USDA/AMS and USCS
The Agricultural Marketing Service of the U.S. Department of Agriculture requires information and services from the U.S. Customs Service. This primarily involves the importation of agricultural commodities from foreign sources and the monitoring of the quality attributes of those products according to USDA regulations, as well as other market focused considerations. The U.S. Customs is undergoing an enterprise-wide restructuring of the primary areas involved in the importation and exportation of all products for the U.S. This is the U.S. Customs Modernization project - a 15 year project of 3 phases (5 years each). The current phase is funded at 5.1 billion dollars. One primary objective of this project is to provide operational and informational support to the various government agencies which have responsibilities to the American public at the boarders. SEC has been contracted by USDA to provide the business process and business model definition and analysis of eight branches in order to define the Requirement Specification Set (RSS) for these branches. These requirements are to be defined in the context of the target functionality of the various subsystems provided by the modernization project.

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