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 Solutions Engineering is Instrumental in Cost-Saving e-Commerce.
July 19, 2001
Solutions Engineering, Inc., an innovative information technology (IT) company that combines diverse development experience, proven project management, and technical skills to develop and maintain business solutions, has been working with the U.S. Army's Communications Electronic Command (CECOM) to implement a strategic and cost-effective e-procurement system, which includes catalog, exchange, and reverse auction capabilities to facilitate the acquisition process. During the 6-month pilot phase alone, the project helped the Department of Defense (DoD) save $1.4 million in just 24 auctions.

Solutions Engineering has been streamlining the user registration process and customizing the product to meet the many unique federal acquisition regulations and needs of the DoD. Using Frictionless Commerce's e-Marketplace software, the system offers advanced catalog search capabilities for market research and strategic sourcing. The DoD-wide reverse auction capabilities help reduce cost and maximize buying power through price reduction and economies of scale. Once fully implemented, the catalog and exchange will be used as extensions of existing legacy systems and be seamlessly integrated into the reverse auction module.

Not only does our solution allow reverse auction capability, but also allows bids based on a large variety of complex and interrelated factors. Some of these factors may include: delivery timeline, installation, and service, among others. This provides the DoD with a much broader set of criteria from which to evaluate bids - not just on price alone. These criteria can be fully customized by the client on a per item basis.

At the fourth annual DoD E-Commerce Day Conference in Alexandria, VA, this project received an outstanding achievement award for innovation and efficiency. This same initiative has been recognized by Government Executive Magazine, the Council for Excellence in Government, and the Office of Federal Procurement Policy, as a finalist for the "Business Solutions in the Public Interest" (BSPI) Awards.


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