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Solutions Engineering designs and builds information systems to meet the individual requirements of our government and commercial clients. These systems include the client/server (web client and desktop client) applications, data warehouses, data marts, web systems, on-line reporting, analyses, decision support, and automated actions or events. We successfully complete every project through the execution of our highly refined SEC Development Procedure which combines the best elements of the Unified Software Development process, Rapid Application Development (RAD), and Six Sigma principles.

We have been building commercial and government database/software systems since 1987 and we bring every experience to bear on improving the process by which we analyze, define, design, develop, configure, test, document, deploy, support, and enhance our Clients' systems. Our procedure requires rigorous project planning, execution of the plan, efficient teamwork, strict adherence to the procedure, and strategic use of tools, technologies, and components which best serve the needs of the project.

We define success as the fulfillment of all requirements to the satisfaction of the Client stakeholders on time and within budget.

Whether your needs are for the migration of a legacy system, analysis and requirements definition for a new design, construction of a new system, or the enhancement (or repair) of an existing system you should contact us. If we cannot successfully complete the project, we will not commence it.

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