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 Capabilities Summary

The core capabilities of Solutions Engineering Corporation are:

  • Client/Server Applications,UML Image
  • Web-Client/Server Applications,
  • Software Development,
  • Process Engineering/Business Engineering and Automation,
  • Requirements Definition,
  • Systems Design,
  • Existing Application Repair, Enhancement, Migration
  • System Component and COTS (Commercial Off The Shelf) Software Integration,
  • System Support and Enhancement,
  • Automated Content Management,
  • Project Management,

The specific Operating Systems environments, database engines, and software development tools with which these are developed and deployed are listed in their respective summary sheets. Our Systems Development Process determines the Quality on which all of these rely. This has been adopted from the industry collective experience and published best practices. We are an ardent advocate of the SW-CMM (Software Capability Maturity Model) and are bearish about procedure and the on-going modification of our procedure. There are eight cornerstones to our process:

1) We serve the most important customers in the world - our customers,
2) Open Communications throughout the Project among all Stakeholders,
3) A Great Development Team - special group of people who are highly educated & experienced, keenly focused, and dedicated to what we do,
4) Structured Requirements Capture and Maintenance,
5) UML-based Visual Systems Models and articulate Logical Data Models,
6) Only Professional Programming directed by our "Systems Engineering Guidelines" - a more specific set of programmer guidelines,
7) Our Full Test Audit against Requirements,
8) Aggressive Project Management - Tightly Scheduled Deliverables.

Companies, Associations, and Government Agencies come to us with specific problems to solve. We define the Project Team who best meets the needs of the Client/Project. We devise a Project Plan using (MS Project); we execute the Project Plan to completion. We keep the client stakeholders engaged throughout the Project - refining, elaborating, enhancing, and approving all of the artifacts of the Project (the plan, requirements, design, executables, documentation, deployment, training, support). This provides clarity of progress in terms of the Project Plan, enforces their expectations in terms of functionality and operational properties, and improves ultimate customer satisfaction. We perform all work except the face-to-face communications in our facilities on our development platforms, implementing test configurations on real data on our test platforms. Our approach enables us to deliver systems that fully meet our clients' expectations and requirements, On Time, Within Budget at Firm Fixed Prices.

Database & Data Warehouse
SE specializes in custom database design, development, deployment, support, and enhancement. Virtually every software project in the company history has involved one or more databases. As custom databases have grown in the OLTP world, the need for customized warehouses have grown as well. We engineer data warehouses according to the analytical and distinct requirements of the Client organization.

Data Management
Client organizations with a large and growing set of databases, information sources (internal and external), and multiple sets of analytical requirements turn to SE for resolving their "Islands of Information" (or "Islands of Automation"). Through our use of Ab Initio software we resolve the heterogeneous and isolated data world into a co-operating data ecosystem.

With every software solution, we focus on processes that provide our customers with their greatest return on investment. We have a tremendous level of Full Life Cycle development and support experience. We know where the issues lie and how to address them in advance through proper design, software engineering, development and deployment.

Web Development
SEs team of Internet consultants can engineer an Internet solution that fits your particular business or organizational needs.

Network Engineering
Network Engineering services provided by Solutions Engineering focus on the Microsoft NT/Windows world with support for heterogeneous networks including Apple MacIntosh, Novell Servers, Unix, and IBM MVS mainframe.

Integration and Configuration services are a critical component of nearly all database applications. This is particularly true for complex systems - distributed databases, web-client databases, 3-tier applications, and other configurations which employ operating system services, database engine services, network add-ons, middleware, and other components necessary to provide the target solution.

While our mission is to design, build, and deploy systems that require minimal maintenance and follow-on effort as possible, we recognize that some level of support will be needed. We tailor the level of support to meet the needs and budget of the Client.


Capabilities Summary

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