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The Solutions Engineering team of Internet consultants and web designers can engineer an Internet solution that fits your particular business or organizational needs. Prior to every project, we can provide a cost/benefits study of enhancing your business process online. Our focus is on the design, development and implementation of customized Internet and network solutions, which include:

  • Leading e-Gov Initiatives
  • Web enabled Databases – data capture & analysis
  • Technology Consulting
  • Web Solutions (Basic to Advanced)
  • Electronic Commerce – credit card and Federal Express support
  • Automated Customer Self-Service
  • Web Enabled (Web-Client/Server) Databases
  • Advanced Search Capabilities
  • On-line Reporting/Analysis/DSS
  • Intranets – secured access
  • Extranets (Multi-Organizational Connectivity), open or over VPN
  • Web Site and Database Hosting
  • Custom Interfaces to Application Software
  • Workflow Integration

The web offers companies, organizations, and agencies unique opportunities to extend the reach of their goods and services. One of the challenges of the web is the difficulty in identifying the ROI (Return on Investment) of the specific extensions available to an organization. We can assist organizations through this process, facilitating focus on those projects with the clearest and highest ROI's first. The facts are clear. To have a successful web presence requires clear objectives, experience, design, and focused development and deployment. Otherwise, time and money will be needlessly wasted.
The history on the web is clear. The volumes of money spent on providing services on the web from 1996 to 2000 has been placed over 2 trillion dollars!!! The days of "do anything now on the web", or "do everything on the web" are past. Over 268 publicly traded companies went out of business from January 1, 2001 to March 30, 2001. This is almost 3 per day. By March 2001 over 5 trillion dollars in stockholder equity vanished. Most of these were e-commerce focused companies and those tech services companies serving them. The lemmings are gone - it is time for the deliberate business plans.


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