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SE specializes in custom database design, development, deployment, support, and enhancement. Virtually every software project in the company history has involved one or more databases. Databases are not stand-alone entities. They co-operate with application and system software to capture, qualify, and automate data. They serve distinct and ad hoc analysis, decision support, operations support, and publication requirements. We build databases that are:

  • Properly integrated into the Organizational Workflow,
  • Intelligently Designed Reliable, Supportable, Extensible, Highly Scalable, Streamlined for High Performance,
  • Client/Server, Web/Server (1 or n-tier), or Combination,
  • Workflow Optimized, Automated,
  • Well Designed Human Interfaces,
  • Secure yet Highly Accessible,
  • Centralized or Distributed,
  • Collaborative, Single and Multiple Replication directions,
  • Real-time transaction based synchronized or scheduled batch-based replications,
  • Embedded or Visible,
  • Data Warehouses & Data Marts.

We engineer database solutions for a wide array of applications and purposes, including :

  • Traditional Data managment - transaction processing, event tracking, condition monitoring,
  • Decision Graph management - supporting complex, dynamic decision processes,
  • Business Rule management and execution,
  • e-Business and e-Gov application support,
  • Forms and Application Process Management,
  • Automated Web Content Management,
  • Knowledge Management,
  • Image and Multi-media Repository Management,
  • Inventory, Supply Chain, AP and Operations Management,
  • and others,

We are experts at engineering databases to meet diverse organizational needs. We optimize data architectures for workflow automation, reporting/analysis/decision needs, simplified navigation, reliable performance, data warehousing, and maintenance in all dimensions. We provide performance tuning and architectural definitions, which meet the performance requirements of our clients on a variety of platforms:

  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • Oracle
  • IBM DB2, UDB
  • SAS
  • Sybase
  • MS Access
  • Raima Data Manager/ROM/Velocis
  • Cache (Intersystems)

Databases have been designed, implemented, and supported as stand-alone databases, distributed and synchronized databases, real-time synchronized bi-directional databases, and conventional database to warehouse replication. We have constructed these on thin pipe and fat pipe WANs, with as few as 2 and as many as 248 locations involved in synchronization. We have replicated distributed databases over the Internet/VPN, leased-line, dedicated dialup, FTP, and email services.

Data modeling tools are used throughout. Team members are experienced in the use of Embarcadero ER/Studio, Rapid SQL, DbArtisan, and CA ER/Win to support roundtrip engineering and well documented database architectures. Recent developments support direct round-trip engineering between ER/Studio and "Describe". This provides direct modeling support for UML (Unified Modeling Language) and automated code generation for the application classes in Java, C++, XML, and IDL – resulting in a very high level of consistency between System Design, Data Model, and the Implementation. We can perform application and database migrations very quickly and economically.

Database applications are written in: Studio.Net, C++, C#, Java, J2EE, ASP, Visual Basic, Power Builder, and Delphi, using ODBC (JDBC), OLE-DB, SQL (Transact-SQL), Native API, and ADO. Reporting, Analysis, and Modeling are supported via Crystal Reports (through ODBC), Business Objects, and SAS. Team members expert in Crystal Reports, Crystal Enterprise, Business Objects, and SAS provide customized analysis capabilities tailored for the specific needs of the client.

We perform the work under strict non-disclosure agreements to protect the interests of our Clients. Many systems have been developed and tested using synthetic data or scrambled data in order to protect the sensitive information of our Client. Most of the work is performed under "firm fixed price, performance based" contracts, so our Clients know the cost of the system before any construction begins.

We have innovated unique techniques for improving performance over limited bandwidth facilities (like the internet). We developed "hetergenous replication sets" as an object oriented approach to replicating in real-time those entity subsets mandating instantaneous concurrency and replicating in "trough-time" the remaining subsets of entities.

We innovated bi-directional replication schemas without target platform visibility. Replications that were taking over 16 hours per data source and often failing in midstream were achieved in less than 10 minutes per replicated data source without failures through the use of our engineered approach. The system has been running for over 16 months like a household appliance. Building an executable component is not the challenge. Engineering the correct component is the challenge. This is why SE Clients come to SE.


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